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16th Century Numismatic Books.

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16th Century Numismatic Books.

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Dekesel, C. E. A Bibliography of 16th Century Numismatic Books. Illustrated and Annotated Catalogue. Crestline, 1997. Folio, pp. xli, 1059, illustrated with title pages throughout. Casebound in cloth, jacket. Most reference works and auction catalogues use the Bibliotheca Numaria by J. G. Lipsius (1801) when they want to identify numismatic books published before 1801. Until now, the work has been considered the highest authority concerning early numismatic publications. Lipsius’ bibliography was the last attempt to compile a survey of ‘all’ numismatic books in ‘all’ languages published before 1801. In this respect he followed in the footsteps of the well-known or sometimes less than well-known specialized bibliographies of Labbé (1664), Struve (1693), Banduri (1718), Brückmann (1729-1732-1741), Hirsch (1760), and Lengnich (1776-1782). They were all, including Lipsius, less than complete, did not have any bibliographic accuracy and freely copied from each other (including the errors). The enormous volume of numismatic publications prior to 1801 is largely unknown to numismatists of the twentieth century, with the existing bibliographies containing incomplete information about most of them. By researching these early numismatic publications one becomes aware of their importance for the evolution and progression of numismatic knowledge. Limited to 400 copies.