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A History of Roman Coinage in Britain

Item Reference: BKS1139

A History of Roman Coinage in Britain

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Moorhead, S. A History of Roman Coinage in Britain. 2013. 224 pages, over 1600 colour photographs showing both the obverse and reverse for each coin, over 30 distribution maps. Written by Sam Moorhead of the British Museum, this book provides a chronological overview of Roman coinage from the Republican period (300BC) to the early 5th century, with an emphasis on Roman coinage used in Britain. The text provides an introduction to the history of each period and then outlines the coinage (denominations, mints, contemporary copies etc.), using Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) and British Museum (BM) coins as illustrations. Throughout, indications are made of the numbers and distribution of particular Roman coin finds in Britain.