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Aethelred II, Penny, CRVX, Southwark

Item Reference: JG54706

Aethelred II, Penny, CRVX, Southwark

Aethelred II (978-1016),Penny, CRVX type (c.991-997), Southwark Mint, Moneyer Godric, draped bust left with sceptre, three pellet head, within linear circle, legend commences at top, +ÆĐELRÆD REX ANGLORX, outer beaded circle surrounding both sides, rev voided cross within linear circle, tiny pellet at centre, letters C R V X in each angle, legend surrounding, +GODRIC M-O SVĐBY, 1.21g (BMC type IIIa; N.770; S.1148).

Light hairline surface crack on obverse, a couple of pecks on reverse, toned a bold very fine.