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Alexander the Great, Gold Stater

Item Reference: MM65235

Alexander the Great, Gold Stater

Kingdom of Macedon. Alexander III (the Great) 336-323 BC, Lifetime Issue Gold Stater. Lampsakos mint, struck under satraps Kalas or Demarchos, circa 328/5-323 BC.

Obverse: Helmeted head of Athena facing right, with flowing hair, wearing a crested Corinthian helmet decorated with snake motif.

Reverse: Nike standing left, holding wreath and stylis; conjoined forparts of two horses in left field, Monogram below left wing (Δo). ΑΛΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ.

(Price 1358; ADM II Series V)

Good Very Fine to Almost Extremely Fine, much lustre in protected areas of the field, tiny flan flaw on reverse. Well centred.

A delightful and lustrous gold piece struck for one of history’s most famous figures.