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Arabo-Sasanidische Drachmen

Item Reference: BKS1089

Arabo-Sasanidische Drachmen

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Weber, E. G. Arabo-Sasanidische Drachmen. 2013. 106 pages, colour photographs throughout. Text in German with English translation. Casebound. This book describes the collection of the author which contains, beside a number of rare and very rare coins also 20 unicates. These Arab-Sassanian dirhams are the first Islamic silver coins from the time of the first and second century of the Hijra, which were minted after the Arab conquest of the Persian territories of the last pre-Islamic dynasty of the Sassanians, according to the pattern of the Persian drachms. They differ from them only – apart from a few exceptions – by Arabic inscriptions in the margin. In an introductory part - before the catalogue - abbreviations, the transliteration, frequently occurring religious formulae, the coin pattern and the system of describing the coins are explained and a map of the mint places is shown. In the following catalogue, which is arranged in chronological order of rulers, resp. governors with their mints in alphabetical order, all coins are shown with obverse and reverse and described in detail. No valuations are given. The supplement contains an index of countermarks on the coins and a summary of the coins of the collection with a transcription of the Pahlavi years‘, mints‘ and names‘ graphs. The introduction and the text describing the most extraordinary coin of this catalogue and its historic background have been translated into English to enable non-German readers to draw profit from this book.