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The Later Palaeologan Coinage.

Item Reference: BKS146

The Later Palaeologan Coinage.

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Bendall, S. & Donald, P. J. The Later Palaeologan Coinage. London, 1979. 271 pages, line drawings throughout. Card covers. The text for this book actually grew out of authors’ previous publication, “The Billon Trachea of Michael VIII Palaeologos”. Only three types of gold hyperpera and four silver trachea of Michael VIII were known then, and all were adequately published, so that a publication devoted solely to the billon trachea seemed not unreasonable. From the reign of Andronicus onwards, however, there was a proliferation of denominations struck in gold, silver, billon and copper which made it necessary to include every issue possible. The coins detailed in the text have been catalogued in four sections; Constantinople, Politikon coinage, Anonymous coinage and Thessalonica. In each section and within each reign the types are arranged in order, first by metal and then by denomination.