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At A H Baldwin & Sons Ltd we have worked extensively to streamline the bidding process, and are constantly striving to make it as easy as possible for you to bid on those items that most interest you in our auctions. As such, there are now a number of ways that you can bid:

1. Be there!

Attendence at our auctions is (and always will be) comletely free. The auction day itself also represents a great occasion and is a fantastic way to meet like-minded people as well as participate directly.

When you arrive at the auction venue, you will need to register with one of our team. This process usually takes no more than a minute or two. You will then be given an unique bidder number for that event.

If your bids on the day are successful, then you can usually pick up your lots within minutes of the successful bid, which means you don't always have to wait until the auction finishes.

If you've never been to an auction before, don't worry - you can let us know in advance and we'll happily guide you through the process on the day. 


2. Bid Online

Baldwin's were the first numismatic auction house to offer an online service back in 2006. Since then, this service has undergone numerous iterations and is now better and easier to use than ever. On average, around 80% of auction bids are now placed through our auction services.

All our major auctions are broadcast live through our website, so you can listen and watch proceedings as they happen from anywhere in the world in real time - on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile - ensuring that you don't miss that particular lot you've got your eye on!

In order to bid online, you'll have to register your details on our auction software from This can be done at any time prior to the auction. Once you have registered, you will be able to bid directly as you watch.

Our experienced auction team, led by Chief Auctioneer and company Director Seth Freeman monitor the bids live as they are made, so there is no chance of any bids being 'missed'. 

If your online bid is successful, your account will be debited automatically, and your items normally dispatched within ten working days.

We strongly believe that the auction process should be accessible and easy-to-use for everyone, no matter where you are in the world, so our online service is completely FREE to use. Whilst other auction houses charge up to 3% for Live Online Bidding, Baldwin's absorb that cost, meaning that our bidders pay exactly the same as they would if they were in the room. 


3. Pre-bid

We know that it is not always possible to attend in person or be near a computer on the day of the auction. Should that case arise, you can still bid on those lots that interest you.

We publish our catalogues up to 4 weeks prior to the actual sale date, and post all lots, descriptions and high-resolution images on the following numismatic partner websites;




If you can't make it to the auction on the day, you can leave a maximum pre-bid on any of the above sites up to the day before the auction. Alternatively, you can submit your bids to us directly by emailing or by fax on +44 (0)20 7930 9450. All bids must be received in writing (unfortunately we cannot accept verbal bids), and please be sure to include your full name and contact details. Our auctioneer will then bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid and endeavour to buy the lot for you as cheaply as possible against all other bidders.


4. Telephone

You can also telephone us with your bids on the day of the auction. Please note that this service MUST be arranged in advance.

Due to the number of calls we receive, it is not always possible to acommodate every single phone bid requirement, and a charge for the booking of a telephone line will apply. Please contact us for more details.


To get news on upcoming auctions, and to be among the first to receive notifications about upcoming lots, you can sign-up by clicking here. You can also follow us on social media to get up-to-the-minute alerts on Twitter (@baldwinscoins), Instagram (@baldwinscoins) and Facebook.

Many of our auction updates and sales events are publicised on the above social media feeds before anywhere else!


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