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Biographical Dictionary of Numismatics

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Biographical Dictionary of Numismatics

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Manville, H. E. Biographical Dictionary of British and Irish Numismatics. Encyclopaedia of British Numismatics. Volume IV. London, 2009. Quarto, pp. xii, 358 pages. Casebound in cloth. This latest volume in the ‘Encyclopaedia of British Numismatics’ series is a biographical dictionary of more than 1,660 personalities associated with the coin trade between the seventeenth century and the present day. The fascinating roll-call includes authors, collectors, dealers, designers, die-engravers, mint officials, museum curators, medallists and token manufacturers as well as the counterfeiters and thieves who have made contributions to the field – be it for better or worse. Included are kings and peers, prime ministers, well-known personalities such as Samuel Pepys and John Locke and foreign authors of works on the British element in Scandinavian coin-hoards. A prologue notes proto-numismatists in the Elizabethan Archaeological society before it was suppressed under King James I. Appendices list Keepers of the Coins and Medals department in the British Museum since its establishment in 1860, and Royal Mint deputy directors who have supervised that institution from its conception in 1870.