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Ancient Greece

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Baldwin's Auction 90. 24th Sep 2014.

Baldwin's Auction Number 90. 24th September 2014. The...

Item Reference: BKS1218

Price £7

Now only £6.30

Sylloge Nummorum Sasanidarum 1.

Alram, M. Sylloge Nummorum Sasanidarum 1. Ardashir I. –...

Item Reference: BKS1010

Price £85

Now only £76.50

Sylloge Nummorum Sasanidarum 2.

Alram, M. & Gyselen, R. Sylloge Nummorum Sasanidarum 2. ...

Item Reference: BKS1011

Price £100

Now only £90

Ars Classica No. X. Petrowicz Edgar

[Ars Classica/Naville & Co.] No. X. Catalogue des...

Item Reference: BKS1253

Price £100

Now only £90

Ars Classica No. XII. Bissen,

[Ars Classical/Naville & Co.] No. XII. Monnaies Grecques...

Item Reference: BKS1254

Price £75

Now only £67.50

Studies in Greek Numismatics

Ashton, R. & Hurter, S. Studies in Greek Numismatics in...

Item Reference: BKS1156

Price £60

Now only £54

Les Perses Achéménides

Babelon, E. Catalogue des Monnaies Grecques de la...

Item Reference: BKS1157

Price £395

Now only £355.50

The Electrum Coinage Lampsakos

Baldwin, A. The Electrum Coinage of Lampsakos. American...

Item Reference: BKS1159

Price £45

Now only £40.50

Coins belonging to the late J H Barnes

[Sotheby & Co] Catalogue of the Important Collection of...

Item Reference: BKS646

Price £12

Now only £10.80

The Silver Coins Samos

Barron, J. P. The Silver Coins of Samos. London, 1966....

Item Reference: BKS1518

Price £165

Now only £148.50

Le Monnayage de Magence

Bastien, P. Le Monnayage de Magence (350-353). Belgium,...

Item Reference: BKS1269

Price £65

Now only £58.50

The Bement Collection Greek Coins

[Comparette, T.] A Descriptive Catalogue of Greek Coins...

Item Reference: BKS940

Price £275

Now only £247.50

Coins the Ancient World

Bendenoun, M. & Callatay, F. Coins of the Ancient World. ...

Item Reference: BKS868

Price £65

Now only £58.50

Die Elektronmünzen von Phokaia und

Bodenstedt, F. Die Elektronmünzen von Phokaia und...

Item Reference: BKS1458

Price £185

Now only £166.50

SNG Denmark. The Royal Collection

SNG Denmark. The Royal Collection of Coins and Medals....

Item Reference: BKS794

Price £600

Now only £540

SNG Germany. Von Aulock

SNG Germany. Von Aulock. High quality reprint of the...

Item Reference: BKS793

Price £350

Now only £315

The Alexander Medallion

Holt, F. & Bopearachichi, O. The Alexander Medallion –...

Item Reference: BKS802

Price £60

Now only £54

Studies in Honor Andrew Burnett

Bland, R. and Calomino, D. (Eds.) Studies in Ancient...

Item Reference: BKS1427

Price £50

Now only £45

Classical Map Asia Minor

Calder, W. M. & George, E. B. A Classical Map of Asia...

Item Reference: BKS1009

Price £20

Now only £18

Coins; Ancient, Mediaeval & Modern.

Carson, R. A. G. Coins; Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern....

Item Reference: BKS304

Price £20

Now only £18

Culture History in the Ancient World

Casson, L. & Price, M. Coins. Culture and History in the...

Item Reference: BKS1048

Price £50

Now only £45

Le Trésor Monétaire de Qunduz

Curiel, R. & Fussman, G. Le Trésor Monétaire de Qunduz. ...

Item Reference: BKS1459

Price £170

Now only £153

Sasanian Coins in the National Museum

Curtis, V S., Askari, M E., Pendleton E J., Hodges, R. &...

Item Reference: BKS804

Price £45

Now only £40.50

Bibliography Greek Numismatics

Daehn, W. E. Annotated Bibliography of Ancient Greek...

Item Reference: BKS1088

Price £125

Now only £112.50

Medallions from Aboukir

Dahmen, K. Medallions from Aboukir in the Calouste...

Item Reference: BKS1265

Price £20

Now only £18

SNG Germany. 28 Heft.

[Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum] Deutschland. Staatliche...

Item Reference: BKS925

Price £65

Now only £58.50

The Coinage Deultum

Draganov, D. The Coinage of Deultum. Sofia, 2007. Thick...

Item Reference: BKS1556

Price £85

Now only £76.50

Monnaies Grecques D’Italie.

Fest, J., Fuscagni, S. & Carratelli, G. P. Monnaies...

Item Reference: BKS999

Price £170

Now only £153

Der Didrachmenprägung Von Tarent

Fischer-Bossert, W. Chronologie Der Didrachmenprägung Von...

Item Reference: BKS1169

Price £200

Now only £180

SNG Von Aulock Index

Franke, P. R., Leschhorn, W., & Stylow, A. U. SNG...

Item Reference: BKS1278

Price £120

Now only £108

Die Frühe Münzprägung vom

Frolova, N. A. Griechisches Münzwek. Die Frühe...

Item Reference: BKS1167

Price £65

Now only £58.50

Hubert Goltzius 'Icones'

Goltzius, Hubert. Icones, Vitæ Et Elogia Imperatorum...

Item Reference: BKS1146

Price £5,750

Now only £5,175

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