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Ancient Rome

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Romano-British Coin Hoards.

Abdy, R. A. Romano-British Coin Hoards. 2002. 72 pages, b/w...

Item Reference: BKS430

Price £7

Now only £6.30

Kontorniát-Érmek…Die Kontorniaten

Alfoldi, A. A Kontorniát-Érmek…Die Kontorniaten. Ein...

Item Reference: BKS1432

Price £225

Now only £202.50

Ars Classica No. X. Petrowicz Edgar

[Ars Classica/Naville & Co.] No. X. Catalogue des...

Item Reference: BKS1253

Price £100

Now only £90

Ars Classica No. XII. Bissen,

[Ars Classical/Naville & Co.] No. XII. Monnaies Grecques...

Item Reference: BKS1254

Price £75

Now only £67.50

Coins belonging to the late J H Barnes

[Sotheby & Co] Catalogue of the Important Collection of...

Item Reference: BKS646

Price £12

Now only £10.80

Diva Faustina - Coinage Cult in Rome

Beckmann, M. Diva Faustina. Coinage and Cult in Rome and...

Item Reference: BKS916

Price £65

Now only £58.50

Coins the Ancient World

Bendenoun, M. & Callatay, F. Coins of the Ancient World. ...

Item Reference: BKS868

Price £65

Now only £58.50

Coinage in the Roman World.

Burnett, A. Coinage in the Roman World. London, 1987....

Item Reference: BKS429

Price £20

Now only £18

Studies in Honor Andrew Burnett

Bland, R. and Calomino, D. (Eds.) Studies in Ancient...

Item Reference: BKS1427

Price £50

Now only £45

Imagines Imperatorum. February 8th 2012

[Aureo & Calico] Imagines Imperatorum. Barcelona. ...

Item Reference: BKS1367

Price £25

Now only £22.50

Coins; Ancient, Mediaeval & Modern.

Carson, R. A. G. Coins; Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern....

Item Reference: BKS304

Price £20

Now only £18

Culture History in the Ancient World

Casson, L. & Price, M. Coins. Culture and History in the...

Item Reference: BKS1048

Price £50

Now only £45

Las Monedas De Los Griegos

Cayon, J. R. Las Monedas De Los Griegos Y sus Enemigos....

Item Reference: BKS1134

Price £65

Now only £58.50

The Best Edition Cohen's Master Work

Cohen, Henry. Description Historique des Monnaies...

Item Reference: BKS1395

Price £1,650

Now only £1,485

Coinage Money Under The Roman

Crawford, M. H. Coinage and Money Under The Roman...

Item Reference: BKS1248

Price £80

Now only £72

The Coinage Deultum

Draganov, D. The Coinage of Deultum. Sofia, 2007. Thick...

Item Reference: BKS1556

Price £85

Now only £76.50

Byzantine Early Mediaeval

Ross, M. C. Catalogue of the Byzantine and Early Mediaeval...

Item Reference: BKS1553

Price £20

Now only £18

Byzantine Early Mediaeval

Weitzmann, K. Catalogue of the Byzantine and Early...

Item Reference: BKS1554

Price £20

Now only £18

With beautiful plates the Twelve

Du Mersan, M. & Pancoucke, C. L. F. Explication des...

Item Reference: BKS1433

Price £265

Now only £238.50

The Minting Antoniniani A.D. 238-249

Eddy, S. K. The Minting of Antoniniani A.D. 238-249 and the...

Item Reference: BKS1547

Price £15

Now only £13.50

Fagerlie on Late Roman Byzantine

Fagerlie, J. M. Late Roman and Byzantine Solidi Found in...

Item Reference: BKS1543

Price £15

Now only £13.50

Hubert Goltzius 'Icones'

Goltzius, Hubert. Icones, Vitæ Et Elogia Imperatorum...

Item Reference: BKS1146

Price £5,750

Now only £5,175

Medaglioni Romani - Vol. 2.

Bani, S. Benci, M. Vanni, A. I Medaglioni Provinciali e I...

Item Reference: BKS878

Price £65

Now only £58.50

Catalogue Late Roman Coins in

Grierson, P. & Mays, M. Catalogue of Late Roman Coins in...

Item Reference: BKS1503

Price £50

Now only £45

Constantine the Great.

[Ed.] Hartley, E. Constantine the Great. York's Roman...

Item Reference: BKS431

Price £45

Now only £40.50

Essays in Honour Charles Hersh

Burnett, A., Wartenberg, U. & Witschonke, R. [Eds.] Coins...

Item Reference: BKS1555

Price £60

Now only £54

The Art Coins their Photography

Hoberman, G. The Art of Coins and their Photography....

Item Reference: BKS1496

Price £45

Now only £40.50

Studies in the Coinages Carausius

King, C. E., Burnett, A, Casey, J. & Bland, R. Studies in...

Item Reference: BKS1251

Price £135

Now only £121.50

Nummi Veteres Civitatum, Regum, Gentum

Knight, R. P. Nummi Veteres Civitatum, Regum, Gentum, Et...

Item Reference: BKS527

Price £125

Now only £112.50

19th Century Manuscript on Roman Coins

[Roman Republican and Imperial Coinage] Monnaies Romaines...

Item Reference: BKS1454

Price £450

Now only £405

Coins the Roman Empire

Mattingly, H. Coins of the Roman Empire in the British...

Item Reference: BKS1132

Price £295

Now only £265.50

Dictionary Ancient Roman Coins.

Melville-Jones, J. R. A Dictionary of Ancient Roman Coins....

Item Reference: BKS433

Price £50

Now only £45

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