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Baldwin's Auction 82. David Fore Part 2

Baldwin’s Auction No. 82. The David Fore Collection (Part...

Item Reference: BKS952

Price £7

Baldwin's Auction 84. David Fore Part 3

Baldwin’s Auction No. 84. The David Fore Collection (Part...

Item Reference: BKS1031

Price £7

Baldwin's Auction 86. 6th May 2014.

Baldwin's Auction 86. 6th May 2014. The Arielle...

Item Reference: BKS1188

Price £7

Punchmarked Coinage India

Gupta, P. L. & Hardaker,T. R. Punchmarked Coinage of the...

Item Reference: BKS1172

Price £35

The Coins the Sikhs

Herrli, H. The Coins of the Sikhs. Second revised and...

Item Reference: BKS1046

Price £35

Glory the Kushans

Jayaswal, V. Glory of the Kushans. Recent Discoveries and...

Item Reference: BKS1137

Price £150

Numismatic Digest Volumes 32-33

Jha, A. & Garg, S. Numismatic Digest Volumes 32-33...

Item Reference: BKS1041

Price £8

Numismatic Digest Volumes 34-35

Jha, A. & Garg, S. Numismatic Digest Volumes 34-35...

Item Reference: BKS1042

Price £8

Imitations in Continuity

Maheshwari, K. K. Imitations in Continuity. Tracking the...

Item Reference: BKS1043

Price £30

Indian Medals, Tokens, Plaques & Pendant

Mitchiner, M. Indian Medals, Tokens, Pictorial Plaques and...

Item Reference: BKS875

Price £115

Coinage & History in the Seventh

Oddy, A., Schulze, I & Schulze, W. [Eds.] Coinage and...

Item Reference: BKS1470

Price £35

Pridmore on the Coins the British

Pridmore, F. The Coins of the British Commonwealth of...

Item Reference: BKS1494

Price £535

Graeco-Bactrian other Ancient Coins

Rodgers, C. J. Catalogue of the Coins Collected by Chas. J....

Item Reference: BKS1510

Price £25

The Skanda Collection Indian Gold

Singapore Coin Auction. Spink-Taisei Catalogue 9. The...

Item Reference: BKS1271

Price £15

The Pridmore Collection Part I.

[Glendining & Co.] The Pridmore Collection of The Coins of...

Item Reference: BKS1017

Price £20

The Coins the Bengal Presidency

Stevens, Dr. P. The Coins of the Bengal Presidency. The...

Item Reference: BKS849

Price £50

The Copper Coins India

Valentine, W. H. The Copper Coins of India. Part I. ...

Item Reference: BKS1262

Price £350

Baldwin's Auction 78. David Fore Part 1

Baldwin’s Auction No. 78. The David Fore Collection...

Item Reference: BKS882

Price £15

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