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Eight scarce Sotheby's catalogues

Item Reference: BKS1020

Eight scarce Sotheby's catalogues

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Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge. Bound volume containing seven early Sotheby's catalogues; Catalogue of the Second (and Final) Portion of the Valuable Collection of Coins, the Property of the Late Bernard Roth, Esq. Monday 14th October - Thursday 17th October, 1918. 107 pages, 603 plates, 9 plates. Sporadically annotated with prices and buyers names (Man p.230); Catalogue of Coins, Medals and Tokens, Including the Property of H. M. Reynolds, Esq. Thursday 5th June - Friday 6th June, 1919. 33 pages, 356 lots. Some lots neatly annotated with prices and buyers names (in same hand as above), and what appear to be bids in a dealers code (Man p. 231); Catalogue of the Representative Collection of British, Anglo-Saxon, Norman & English Coins, the Property of the late Mr W. Talbot Ready. Monday 15th November - Friday 19th November, 1920. 87 pages, 961 lots, 5 plates. Some lots annotated with prices and buyers names (Man p. 237); Catalogue of the Important Collection of Hammered English Silver Coins of the Period Edward I to Charles II the Property of Raymond Carlyon-Britton, Esq. Monday 17th October - Tuesday 18th October, 1921. 60 pages, 368 lots, 6 plates. Some lots annotated with prices and buyers names (Man p. 238); Catalogue of Medals and Coins Comprising Duplicate Specimens of British and Foreign Medals From the Collection of the British Museum; also The Property of the Late Baroness Burdett-Coutts...The Property of Colonel Sir Henry Knollys, The Property of F. Cowslade, Esq., and The Property of Mrs F. L. Godet. Thursday 13th July - Friday 14th July, 1922. 39 pages, 409 plates, 7 very fine plates. Spink & Son compliment slip glued onto inside front cover (Man p. 239); Catalogue of the Bruun Collection of Coins. Part I. Brtish, Saxon and English, also Scottish and Colonial Coins. Monday 18th May - Friday 22nd May, 1925. 142 pages, 965 lots, 24 very fine plates. Prices realised and buyers names in some sections of the catalogues (Man p. 242); Catalogue of the Huth Collection of Coins and Medals. First Portion. The English, Scottish, Irish and Colonial Coins. Monday 4th April - Thursday 7th April, 1927. 74 pages, 738 lots, 13 exceptional plates. Prices and buyers marked in some sections. (Man p. 245 - see note about coins being cleaned). All bound into single volume of green cloth, gilt. Edges bumped and a little rubbed at extremities otherwise fine. Some major sales, important and with some interesting annotations. Scarce thus