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Eleven early Sotheby's catalogues

Item Reference: BKS1029

Eleven early Sotheby's catalogues

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Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge. Bound volume containing eleven early Sotheby's catalogues. Catalogue of the Valuable Collection of English Crown Pieces and a Few Other Allied Coins. The Property of T. W. Barron. Including Many of the Choicest Specimens from the Murdoch, Moon, Gibbs, G. D. Brown, and Other Celebrated Collections. Tuesday 27th February, 1906. 20 pages, 144 lots. With the stamp of the Heberden Coin Room on front cover. (Man p. 208); Catalogue of Greek, Roman and English Coins Including the Collections of Herrn R*** N***, of Hamburg, and of the Late Frederick Andrew Inderwick, Esq. K.C. Thursday 27th February-Friday 28th February, 1908. 35 pages, 305 lots, 5 plates. (Man p. 212); Catalogue of the Collection of English and other Coins of the East India Company, Anglo-Indian Empire, and British Possessions in Various Parts of the World. The Property of Commander A. Rowand, R.I.M. of Okehampton, Devon. Friday 22nd April, 1910. 24 pages, 151 lots (Man p. 220); Catalogue of the Valuable Collection of Anglo-Saxon & Norman Coins the Property of H. M. Reynolds, Esq. Monday 4th May, 1914. 22 pages, 144 lots, 2 plates (one cut) (Man p. 225); Catalogue of the Important and Valuable Collection of Anglo-Saxon and English Coins the Property of George Jonathan Bascom, Esq. Monday 15th June - Tuesday 16th June, 1914. 45 pages, 254 lots, 6 very fine plates (Man p. 225); Catalogue of the Valuable Collection of Anglo-Saxon, English, Scotch, Irish and Anglo-Gallic Coins. The Property of W. M. Maish, Esq. Monday 25th March - Wednesday 27th March, 1918. 60 pages, 569 lots, 2 plates (Man p. 229); Catalogue of the Valuable Collection of British, Anglo-Saxon, English & Colonial Coins Formed by the Late Henry W. Thorburn, Esq. Wednesday 27th November - Friday 29th November, 1918. 50 pages, 452 lots, 4 plates (Man p. 230); Catalogue of the Valuable and Interesting Collection of English and Colonial Coins formed by Dr. Herbert Peck. Friday 29th October, 1920. 20 pages, 197 lots, 2 fine plates (Man p. 237); Catalogue of the Valuable and Interesting Collection of Anglo-Saxon, Norman and English Coins Formed by the Late Arthur A. Banes. Monday 30th October - Tuesday 31st October, 1922. 39 pages, 392 lots, 4 fine plates (Man p. 239); Catalogue of the Extensive and Valuable Collection of English, Scottish, Irish and Colonial Coins XVIII and XIX Century Tokens, Commemorative Medals and War Medals Formed by the Late W. C. West, Esq. Monday 5th May - Wednesday 7th May, 1924. 53 pages, 564 lots, 2 very fine plates (Man p. 241); Catalogue of Coins and Medals Comprising the Properties of the Late Sir F. S. Powell, Bart; G. J. French, Esq; L. H. Scott Plummer, Esq; the Late R. T. Turnball, Esq; the Late Genl. John Drummond; C. N. L. Stronge, Esq; and other properties. Monday 9th December - Tuesday 10th December, 1929. 46 pages, 470 lots (Man p. 248). Recently bound in later brown cloth, gilt lettering. A good run of sales, some significant and rarely seen. Scarce thus.