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Bradbury 10-Shillings, c.1914

Item Reference: HG53644

Bradbury 10-Shillings, c.1914

Great Britain, Treasury Note, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, John Bradbury (1914-1919, after serving under Asquith and Lloyd George, Bradbury was a permanent secretary to the Treasury during the First World War when he was instrumental in replacing gold with paper currency; he was knighted in 1913), First Issue, uniface 10 Shillings banknote, undated (August 1914), black serial number A3 544785, “Ten Shillings” at centre, “These notes are a Legal Tender for a payment of any amount. Issued by the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty’s Treasury under Authority of Act of Parliament” above, bust of King George V to left, signature lower right, “SECRETARY TO THE TREASURY”, 127mm x 64mm (Duggleby, “English Paper Money”, T9).

About uncirculated, several pinholes top left.