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British Historical Medals Vol. I

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British Historical Medals Vol. I

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British Historical Medals. Volume I. The Accession of George III to the death of William IV, 1760-1837. 1980, Reprinted 2007. 469 pages, illustrated. Casebound, jacket. When this volume was first published in 1980 it had been 95 years since the last major catalogue on British Historical medals, which closed at 1760 with the death of George II. This present work makes good that deficit up until 1960, with the first volume covering 1760-1837, the second the reign of Queen Victoria, 1837-1901, and the third 1901-1960. Exhaustively researched, every major public and private collection of commemorative medals as well as auction sales catalogues, have been examined in the compilation of this catalogue. Each medal listed is treated in the same detailed way to give, arranged in chronological order, full details of its subject, style and designer, size, metals in which it was struck, rarity, bibliographical references and present locations in the major public collections. Additional notes fill in the background of the circumstances of issue, where known, and other information relating to the subject or person(s) represented. Detailed indices of people, events, inscriptions, designers, etc., complete the volume. This work, like its illustrious predecessor ‘Medallic Illustrations’ has become the ultimate standard work for commemorative medals of this period and covers all aspects of British history for the period covered by commemorative medals. The volumes both individually and a set, are a mine of information not only for numismatists but also for historians, sociologists, designers etc., in fact, anyone who is in any way concerned with aspects of Britain’s history in the arts, scientific, industrial or military and naval fields since 1760.