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British & Irish Tradesmen & Tokens

Item Reference: BKS1257

British & Irish Tradesmen & Tokens

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Lusk, Jon, D. British and Irish Tradesmen and their Copper Tokens of 1787-1804. Michigan, 2014. 380 pages, full colour illustrations throughout. Laminated boards. It has been fifty years since Bell’s ‘Commercial Coins’, the only book dedicated to the subset of Dalton & Hamer tokens known as ‘Tradesmen’s Tokens’ was published. The author of this new work reveals discoveries concerning the issuers, their lives, names and occupations. Tokens are pictured in large size, and in colour, along with photographs of the edges unwrapped into a straight line, using a technique perfected by the author. Variety identification photographs and availability ratings are included to assist the collector.