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British White £1, 1826, Henry Hase

Item Reference: FM44157

British White £1, 1826, Henry Hase

Great Britain, Bank of England, Henry Hase (1807-1829, the 9th Chief Cashier, known as “the reluctant cashier” and appointed after Robert Aslett was disgraced by the discovery of his embezzlement of £500,000), uniface Emergency Issue White One Pound banknote, dated 17 February 1826, London, serial number 53537, handwritten signature, vignette of Britannia within crowned oval top left, “ONE” in top margin, date “1821” below, “For the Govr and Compa of the Bank of England” lower right, denomination lower left, 196mm x 127mm (Dugg.B.201d).

About very fine, toned, rare.