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Upgrading Your Web Browser

Why upgrade your web browser?

You have been directed to this page because we have detected that you are using Internet Explorer version 6 to view our website. Internet Explorer 6 is web browsing software that was written in 2001 – a long time ago, in Internet terms. Since then the World Wide Web has continued to develop, and many newer web browsers are available for free for the public to install.

This Baldwin's website has been designed for use with more recent web browsers. You may continue to use the site with Internet Explorer 6, but it will not appear as polished, as slick or be as responsive as it is in other web browsers. Furthermore, Internet Explorer 6 has several well-known flaws that people with malicious intentions regularly try to exploit to access your private data.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend that you use a more up-to-date web browser to access our site.

Microsoft have a page about replacing Internet Explorer 6.

How to update your web browser

Please note that while we recommend that you upgrade your web browser, you do so at your own risk. Baldwin's can not be held responsible if anything should go wrong. If you are at all unsure about installing software on your computer, please seek assistance from a suitable expert.

That said, upgrading your web browser is a fairly simple task that can be accomplished by almost anyone with a little computer experience. It is such a common procedure that a Google search will bring up many pages explaining how to do it.

Before you start it is worth considering which browser to get. For many people used to Internet Explorer 6, the obvious choice is to get the latest version of Internet Explorer, which at the time of this writing is Internet Explorer 9 (or Internet Explorer 8 if your computer has Windows XP). There are other web browsers available which some people prefer, having tried them. Two of the most popular are Firefox and Opera. Which browser you should choose is a matter of personal preference. A new web browser will take a bit of getting used to, but essentially they all do the same thing.

The following links will help you to upgrade your web browser. Microsoft's page on upgrading Internet Explorer Installing Firefox Installing Opera

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