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Canute, Short + Penny Stamford Leofwine

Item Reference: JG54263

Canute, Short + Penny Stamford Leofwine

Canute (1016-35), Penny, short cross type (1029-35/6), Stamford Mint, Moneyer Leofwine, diademed bust left with sceptre, legend commences at top, +CNV T RECX outer beaded circle surrounding both sides, rev short voided cross with pellet and annulet centre, within linear circle, +LEOFPINE ON STA 0.88g (BMC type XVI; N.790; S.1159).

Toned, flan a little undulating, a touch of verdigris on obverse, otherwise very fine, reverse better.

ex Duke of Argyll Collection, (died 1949), subsequently sold en bloc through Spink and Son Ltd.


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