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Catalogue of the Post-Reform Dirhams.

Item Reference: BKS841

Catalogue of the Post-Reform Dirhams.

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Klat, M. G. Catalogue of the Post-Reform Dirhams. The Umayyad Dynasty. London, 2002. Quarto, pp. 322, illustrations throughout. Cloth, jacket. This catalogue covers the period following the reform of silver Dirhams introduced by Abdel Malik bin Marwan in AH 78 or 79 until the fall of the Umayyad Dynasty in AH 132/133 in the Eastern Caliphate. It includes all dirhams, which to the authors knowledge, have been published and are known to exists to date. The coins are catalogued by mint, following the Arabic alphabet , and year of the Hijra (AH) in the manner of John Walker’s “A Catalogue of the Arab-Byzantine and Post-Reform Umaiyad Coins.”