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Devonshire Tickets, Checks & Passes

Item Reference: BKS873

Devonshire Tickets, Checks & Passes

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Young, D. Devonshire Tickets, Checks & Passes. 2012. 134 pages, full colour illustrations throughout. Card covers. Through the centuries, a variety of coin-like discs have been produced, mainly from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, however a few from the eighteenth century exist and some from the present century. The checks were simple and cheap to produce, virtually indestructible and made for a variety of purposes. Most of them give an indication as to their use or a value. The majority of the checks are brass or copper but aluminium, iron, ivory and silver and more recently fibre board and plastic have also been used. Some traders made their own tokens by stamping their name on regal coins. The public house related checks form the largest group and these have been published elsewhere (Stanton & Todd 1982). This catalogue concentrates on the non-alcoholic drink related tickets, check and passes from pre 1974 Devon. Some of these pieces have been recorded elsewhere but this is the first time that all the tickets, checks and passes for the county of Devon have been bought together.