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Diakov's Russian Coins - Complete Set

Item Reference: BKS1357

Diakov's Russian Coins - Complete Set

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The complete 6 volume series of Diakov’s monumental work on Russian Coins. Russia, 2000-2003. 263+224+131+136+184+332 pages, all volumes fully illustrated. Casebound. Consisting of; Russian Coins of Peter the Great. Part 1, 1686-1712; Russian Coins of Peter the Great. Part 2, 1713-1725; Russian Coins of Catherine I and Peter II. 1725-1730; Russian Coins of Anna and Ioann III. 1730-1741; Russian Coins of Elizabeth I and Peter II. 1741-1762; Russian Coins of Catherine II. 1762-1796. Based on the famous corpus of Russian coins by Grand Duke George Mikhailovich, and using the classifications from Ilin and Tolstoy, this series of books attempts to provide the collector with a useable reference guide to Russian coins from the reign of Peter the Great in 1686 right the way through to one of the most interesting periods of Russian numismatics, the reign of Catherine II which ended in 1796. Looking at both currency and special issues, the first two volumes in this superb series won the IAPN book prize for ‘Best Numismatic Publication of the Year’ in 2001. A hugely important series of references, most volumes now out of print and becoming difficult to obtain. Rare thus.