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Die Medaillen Und Schaumünzen der Kaiser

Item Reference: BKS1207

Die Medaillen Und Schaumünzen der Kaiser

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Winter, Heinz. Die Medaillen Und Schaumünzen der Kaiser Und Könige Aus Dem Haus Habsburg Im Münzkabinett Des Kunsthistorichen Museums Wien. Band I: Friedrich III. Und Maximilian I. Kunst Historisches Museum. Wien, 2013. 375 pages, 79 colour plates, additional colour illustrations in the text. Cloth, jacket. The present book is the second volume in a row of publications dedicated to the medals of the House of Habsburg that are preserved in the Kunsthistorisches Museum. While Glanz des Hauses Habsburg. Die habsburgische Medaille im Münzkabinett des Kunsthistorischen Museums (2009) launched this series, the present study focuses on the early days of this media and thus the period of the emperors Friedrich III. (1452–1493) and Maximilian I. (1508–1519). On the basis of the rich collection of the coin cabinet in Vienna it is the goal to record and comment the medals from the kings and emperors of the Habsburg dynasty. Today the coin cabinet keeps the imperial collection; all relevant types are preserved here in technical and artistic perfection. Most of them come from the possession of Emperor Karl VI. (1711–1740), others date back to Emperor Franz I. Stephan from Lorraine (1745–1765). The main focus concentrates on the contemporary development of most of the types. As it turns out, the widespread opinion that Maximilian not only supported the hammer struck medal but also the cast medal in the years after 1510 could not be confirmed. Furthermore most of the cast medals were created first in the 18th century.