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Islamic Mints. A Corpus.

Item Reference: BKS359

Islamic Mints. A Corpus.

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Diler, Ö. Islamic Mints. A Corpus in Three Volumes. 1818 pages, 8 maps. Card covers. Limited print run of 500 copies. Ömer Diler began to work on Islamic Mints in the 1970s, his aim being to incorporate all the mints in Islamic history and geography between Hijrat and the beginning of the last century (c.1920s). His starting point was E. Zambaur's famous work, Die Münzprägungen des Islams, and his aim was to take it to its most extended limits. He thought that to finish and publish this work was a dream never to be realised in his lifetime, this sadly proved to be true, after a life dedicated to numismatics, Ömer Diler died in 2005. It is now a posthumous work; a corpus in three volumes of nearly 2000 pages, covering about 1845 mint names, mint inscriptions, minting years of gold, silver and copper issues; (also ephemereal mints that seem to exist but actually do not), an index of Islamic Dynasties, another of Islamic States. Consequently, the book is a vast accumulation of hand picked information, meticulously checked and counter-checked from a bibliography of approximately 1990 entries, from source books and sales catalogues and with historians and curators of Islamic Numismatics. In short this work is a long list of mints, their common and uncommon issues and their historical background. Had the author lived, there were sure to have been numerous additions, nevertheless a life consuming study should not be left in the dark. Hence, the book has been published such as it is. Dr. Michael Bates says "It is the fate of corpuses ... to begin the process of obsolescence on the day of their publication."* True, although works of voluminous scope live longer lives.