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Islamic Coins in the Ashmolean Volume 3.

Item Reference: BKS845

Islamic Coins in the Ashmolean Volume 3.

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Nicol, Norman D. Sylloge of Islamic Coins in the Ashmolean. Volume 3. Early Abbasid Precious Metal Coinage (to 218 AH). Oxford, 2012. Quarto, pp. 19, 4 pages of maps, 89 plates all with accompanying text. Casebound, jacket. The present volume is the sixth in the Sylloge of Islamic Coins in the Ashmolean series and has the largest number of images of Abbasid coins yet assembled in any hard-copy catalogue. The volume describes close to 2100 coins of the early Abbasid dynasty struck in gold and silver. The collections included in the catalogue are those of the Heberden Coin Room and the Shamma Collection. The gold coinage without mintname is listed first, followed by issues in both gold and silver struck at the many mints of the Islamic Empire. The mints are arranged in Arabic alphabetical order. At the end of the catalogue are found examples of imitation and counterfeit gold coins.