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Edward III, Noble, Pre-Treaty series E

Item Reference: HM53548

Edward III, Noble, Pre-Treaty series E

Edward III (1327-77), Noble, Fourth Coinage (1351-77), Pre-Treaty Period (1351-61), series E (1354-5), King standing in ship holding sword and shield, ship rigging with three ropes to left, three to right, ornaments on top line of hull 1-11-11-11 with lions left, quatrefoils 3/4 on castles, full bowsprit, legend unbarred N’s, annulet stops both sides, E DWARDo DEIo GRAo REXo AIIGL oZo FRAIICo D hI rev tiny E at centre, ornate cross with lis terminals, crown over lion in angles, lis over lion in upper right quarter, all within beaded and linear tressure of eight arcs, small fleurs in spandrels, initial mark cross pattée, +IhCoAVTEMo TRAIICIEIISo Po MEDIVMo ILLORVMo IBAT outer beaded border both sides, 7.28g (Schneider 23/-; Doubleday 58/65; N.1160; S.1488).

One flat area on edge from loss of rim accounting for the light weight of the coin, two weak spots on reverse with light scratches, otherwise a bold very fine.