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Ireland, Edward IV, Penny, Dublin Mint

Item Reference: FG42430

Ireland, Edward IV, Penny, Dublin Mint

Edward IV (1461-83), Penny, type V, heavy cross and pellets coinage (1470-3?), Dublin Mint, crowned facing bust within beaded circle, no marks in field, initial mark cross fourchée, legend surrounding, EDWARD DI GR DNS HYBE rev long cross pattée, tri-pellets in each inner angle, extra small pellet in two quarters, beaded circle and legend surrounding, CIVI TAS DVB LIN, 0.50g (Burns Du-1H; DF 125; S.6323).

Attractively toned, some ghosting evident on obverse, usual small flan, good very fine for issue and very rare. Burns = Irish Hammered Pennies of Edward IV and Richard III by Jasper Burns, Pietas Publications 2009. Jasper Burns Collection – one of 17 specimens recorded by Burns as his heavy Dublin type 1