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EF Denarius of C.Fabius Hadrianus


EF Denarius of C.Fabius Hadrianus

C. Fabius Hadrianus (102 B.C.), Silver Denarius. Bust of Cybele facing right, wearing a turreted crown and a veil, EX A PV behind, rev Victory in galloping biga right, holding a goad and the reins, a heron and control-mark A below, C FABI C F in exergue, 3.91g, 8h (Cr 322/1b; Syd 590; RCV 200).

Attractive cabinet tone, extremely fine.

Purchased from Spink & Son, London, June 1981. This issue marks the first occasion that the abbreviation for EX ARGENTO PVBLICO (‘from the public silver’) appears on a coin