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Essays in Honour of Roberto Russo

Item Reference: BKS1197

Essays in Honour of Roberto Russo

[Ed.]Van Alfen, Peter G. & Witschonke, Richard B. Essays in Honour of Roberto Russo. Numismatic Ars Classica. Zurich/London, 2013. Large quarto. 426 pages, black and white illustrations throughout. Casebound, jacket.

A work of fundamental new research on Greek and Roman republican numismatics. Superbly produced and containing a variety of important articles written by some of today’s greatest numismatists and scholars including; Keith Rutter, Christof Boehringer, Alberto Campana, Giovanni Santelli, John Morcom, Haim Gitler, David Vagi, Andrew Burnett, Andrew McCabe, Richard Schaefer, Andrea Pancotti, Roberto Russo, T.V. Buttrey, Richard Witschonke, Clive Stannard, Bernhard E. Woytek, Michel Amandry, Franc L. Kovacs and Lucia Travaini.

A superb new reference containing a wealth of information, this is an essential reference for anyone with an interest in this area of numismatics as well as a great and fitting tribute to the late Robert Russo.