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Extremely Rare Groat of Edward I

Item Reference: GM48059

Extremely Rare Groat of Edward I

Edward I (1272-1307), Groat, London, facing crowned bust with large broad face and short hair, crown with spread side fleurs, surrounding quatrefoil in two lines, drapery two wedges with three pellets below, triple pellet stops in legend, curule type X, initial mark cross pattée, rev long cross fourchée, upon twin concentric legends, trefoil of pellets in each inner angle, X in legend with one curved foot, 5.05g (cf. Brady 5; Fox 2, variety f; SCBI 39, no.14 same dies, N.1006; S.1379F).

Light flan split and surface crack into obverse, dark tone, otherwise good fine and one of the rarer varieties, very rare