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Guide to Biblical Coins. Fifth Edition.

Item Reference: BKS836

Guide to Biblical Coins. Fifth Edition.

Hendin, David. Guide to Biblical Coins. Fifth Edition. New York, 2010. Quarto, pp. xviii, 637, 56 b/w plates. It is 25 years since this standard reference on ancient Judaean and Biblical coins was first published and it is now in its fifth edition.

The text has been fully revised and updated in order to reflect recent archaeological discoveries, and the work of a new generation of numismatists who specialize in this field. A complete, illustrated catalogue of the popular Judaea Capta series and a concordance to other major references has been added along with numerous end notes with references and incidental commentary, a full index, an index of Latin inscriptions, an expanded bibliography and extensive new research by the author on the metrology of the biblical/Judaean bronze coin series which enhances understanding for both student and scholar. New graphics and photo composites help explain and supplement the text, which is aimed at both collectors and scholars.