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Harthacanute, Penny, Oxford, Aegelwine

Item Reference: JM53922

Harthacanute, Penny, Oxford, Aegelwine

Harthacanute (1035-42), Penny, sole reign period (1040-42), arm and sceptre type (June 1040-June 1042), Oxford Mint, Moneyer Aegelwine, diademed bust left, with tri-pellet headed sceptre, legend commences at top, +HARĐA CNVT RE, outer beaded border both sides, rev central pellet in quadrilateral, pellets at apex, all over short voided cross, linear circle and legend surrounding, +ÆGLPINE ON. COXF. 1.02g (BMC type II; SCBI 40:1696 same dies; N.811; S.1168).

Dark tone, weak in obverse legend, clearer on reverse, very fine / good very fine and very rare with Kings full name and unusual spelling for Oxford mint.