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Henry VI, Rare Calais Groat, Mule


Henry VI, Rare Calais Groat, Mule

Henry VI, first reign (1422-1461), Groat, Calais, mule of pinecone-mascle and leaf-mascle issues (c.1432/3), facing crowned bust within tressure, initial mark crosses IIIb/IVb, no trefoils at neck or above bust, mascle after REX, pinecone before REX and GRA, rev long cross fourchée, upon twin concentric legends, trefoil of pellets in each inner angle, leaf under second M of MEVM, mascle before LA of VILLA 3.49g (Whitton 30d; N.1461/1475; S.1875/1890)

Toned good very fine, rare.

ex Frank Brady Collection, Spink, 6th October 2011 , lot 109