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Henry VI Salut D'or, Saint-Lo

Item Reference: KM59220

Henry VI Salut D'or, Saint-Lo

Henry VI, King of France and England (1422-50), Gold Salut D’or, Saint-Lô Mint, Angel Gabriel on right, in profile left behind quartered Arms of France and England, facing Virgin Mary with nimbus, behind Arms of France, AVE on scroll reads downwards between them, sunburst above, within beaded circle, initial mark fleur de lis both sides, colon stops, annulet under third letter of legend both sides, hENRICVS: DEI: GRA: FRACORV: Z: A’GLIE: REX, outer beaded border surrounding both sides, rev die axis at 4 o’clock, central Latin cross, fleur de lis to left, lion to right slightly intruding cross, h below, all within tressure of ten arcs, fleur de lis on cusps, all within linear and beaded circle, mullet stops in legend, XPC *VINCIT* XPC* REGNAT* XPC* ImPERAT, 3.50g (Beresford-Jones 553/562; Schneider III-122; Elias 271a R; S.8164).

Toned, extremely fine and rare.