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Some coins


Coins offer a diverse and fascinating window to the past for collectors around the globe. Baldwin’s boast the largest stock of coins in the UK and our specialists cover all aspects of English, Ancient and Foreign coins.

A commemorative medal


Far rarer than coins and often more artistic, browse our commemorative medals for a historical alternative to mainstream numismatics whose potential is starting to gain well deserved recognition.

A military medal

Military Medals

Appealing to specialist collectors and historians alike military medals introduce personal stories of adversity, bravery, tragedy and adventure to the world of collecting.

A banknote


Banknotes are eye-catching and often colourful pieces of economic history. Every day new collectors are discovering the joy of banknote collecting and it is an increasingly popular hobby.

A token


A rapidly growing collecting area, full of collectors from all walks of life forming collections in many different ways. Whatever your area of interest we have a token for you!

Old books


Some of the most outstanding numismatic collections would never have been achieved without the aid of reference books. Baldwin’s has a significant stock of second-hand and antiquarian numismatic books for direct sale.

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Featured Items

The New York Sale 2017


Auctions XXXI, XL & XLI

10-12 January 2017


Treasures of the Gupta Empire

A remarkable new volume

Chronicling one of the most important numismatic periods in the history of India.


Only available in the UK from Baldwin's