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India, 10-Rupees, Sept 1918

Item Reference: EG37956

India, 10-Rupees, Sept 1918

India, Government of India, uniface 10-Rupees banknote, 2 September 1918, Bombay, black serial number ZC32 39364, signed by M M S Gubbay, obverse: denomination at centre in red, eight language panels, “I Promise to pay the Bearer on Demand at any Office of Issue the sum of Rupees” at top, TEN below, “B” for Bombay at left and right, reverse: blank, 210mm x 130mm (Pick, “Standard Catalog of World Paper Money”, A10c).

Usual spike hole at left, a little paper weakness top centre and ragged hole top right, top right corner partially missing, without any heavy folds and an attractive clean note, extremely fine.