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Indian Medals, Tokens, Plaques & Pendant

Item Reference: BKS875

Indian Medals, Tokens, Plaques & Pendant

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Mitchiner, M. Indian Medals, Tokens, Pictorial Plaques and Pendants Circa 1800-2010. The Rise of Modern India reflected in iconography; an insight into Indian Culture from mainstream traditions to the tribal art of rural India. 2012. 944 pages, illustrations throughout. Casebound. Much new material has been seen since Michael Mitchiner’s book on Indian Tokens was published in 1998. The new material belonging to the modern period is sufficient to warrant publishing this further study. An important feature of the assembled material is that it provides an iconographic aspect to the development of Modern India. The focus for the present study is the Indian medals, tokens, pictorial (iconographic) plaques and pendants made during, approximately, the last two centuries. One of the purposes of this study is to publish new material and to integrate it with what is already known. This is in preference to revisiting material that is already well known. With this aim in mind, some series are discussed in detail, while others are summarized in order to integrate them into the general pattern of evolution in the manufacture and use of medals, tokens, pictorial plaques and pendants during the past couple of centuries.