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Italy, Duke of Parma 1849.

Item Reference: Z54237

Italy, Duke of Parma 1849.

Italy, Arrival of Charles III, Duke of Parma, 1849, Silver Medal by D Bentelli, conjoined busts of the Duke and Louise Marie Therese of France, CAROLVS III H I D G DVX PARM PL ETC ET LVD MARIA BORB CONIVX, rev turreted female figure, Parma, seated left, a crowned shield at her side and emblems of art, music, science and abundance, DISCVTIT EXORIENS NEBVLAS MON OMNIA LAETAT, in exergue, OB ADVENTVM PRINCIPIVM AVGG PARMA A MDCCCXLVIIII, 60mm.

Some surface marks, toned good very fine, rare.