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James I Laurel, Trefoil Mintmark

Item Reference: GM47379

James I Laurel, Trefoil Mintmark

James I (1603-1625), Laurel, third coinage (1619-25), fourth laureate and draped bust left, straight ties at back of head, value behind, within beaded circle, initial mark trefoil (1624-5) both sides, IACOBVS D G MAG BRI FRA ET HIB REX colon pellet stops, rev crowned quartered shield of arms, on long cross fourchée, beaded circle surrounding, FACIAM EOS IN GENTEM VNAM no stops, 9.06g (Schneider -; N.211 4; S.2638B).

A little weak in parts, the trefoil mark with this bust not present in Schneider, very fine