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James I Unite with a Very Rare Mintmark

Item Reference: GM48881

James I Unite with a Very Rare Mintmark

James I (1603-1625), second coinage (1604-19), Unite, fifth crowned and armoured bust right holding orb and sceptre, beaded circle surrounding, initial mark book on lectern (1616-17), pellet and comma stops on legend, IACOBVS D G MA BRI FRA ET HI REX, outer beaded circle surrounding both sides, rev crowned quartered shield of arms, I to left, R to right, beaded circle surrounding, pellet stop legend, FACIAM EOS IN GENTEM VNAM, 9.90g (Schneider 29; N.2085; S.2620).

Scratch in field by mouth, weakly struck in parts, perhaps once cleaned otherwise good fine to nearly very fine and the rarest mark for the reign.