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Treasures of The Gupta Empire

"Like the work of Allan and Altekar, this volume, this giant step will remain an authoritative tool for documenting one of the most important periods in the history of India for decades."
--- Joe Cribb, ex. Keeper of Coins, British Museum



"Treasures of the Gupta Empire" is a phenomenal and vitally important new volume, covering the history and the entire coinage of the Gupta Dynasty from the very start in AD 319 to its end in AD 543.

The book includes iconography, metal analysis, history and the evolution of the designs seen on the Gupta gold coins, and is the new quintessential guide for anyone with an interest in this fascinating period of India's history. The book serves as the new way to understand the relative rarity and the different varieties with a full representation of the coins from private collections, major museums in India and across the world.




This remarkable and important book is ONLY available in the UK through Baldwin's.

440 pages, colour with 1500+ images/maps/charts/graphs. English.


Hardbound with Colour dust jacket: £179

Leatherbound (bonded leather) with dust jacket: £199

Plus postage and packing.


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"History is always written by the victors. The gap between what was fact versus reality during the Gupta Period is what this book is all about. In some cases, the historical facts written by the victors and the evidence from inscriptions and coins can lead to very different conclusions, and in many cases, create conflicting narratives. Solving the mystery of ancient India is like walking through a dark tunnel, with occasional glimpses of light, and fleeting clues that can help us reconstruct the true story. Coins issued by victors and victims alike, speak volumes, and this book is about piecing together evidence from the coins issued by the kings ruling over the Gupta Empire.


This book is a work of love and passion. Like all passionate journeys, first one must fall in love. I fell in love with these beautiful coins at a very young age. Their intricate designs, the action scenes, the different kings all fascinated me as a young child, and I marvelled at the coin collections showcased in the Coin Gallery at the National Museum in Delhi. My hope is that the beautiful designs of the coins and the decades of research summarised and presented in this book, will continue to shine a bright light on the mystery that is India, to help inspire and fuel the imaginations of the children of India and future generations who can continue to dream of exploring its rich history.


---- Sanjeev Kumar, 2016