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Mints & Moneyers of Henry III

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Mints & Moneyers of Henry III

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Churchill, R. Mints & Moneyers During The Reign of Henry III. London, 2012. Quarto, pp.xx, 426, illustrations, photographs and tables in the text. Cloth, jacket. This book is the result of many years of research by Ron Churchill into 13th century mints, their moneyers and other officials, the people charged with producing the Long Cross coinage which we see in the Brussels Hoard. Many institutions hold 13th century documents relating to the coinage. These have been painstakingly searched out and transcribed. The information has been brought together to tell the stories of the places and personalities behind the coins. At times this volume resembles a biographical dictionary of the moneyers of the reign of Henry III. The author collected all this material over many years for his interest alone. He has however been prevailed upon by his friends to prepare it for publication and Baldwin?s have agreed to bring it to a wider readership. Intended as a companion volume to ?The Brussels Hoard?, which is an academic numismatic study, there are lengthy chapters on the London and Canterbury mints and comprehensive studies of the Ecclesiastical and Provincial mints. The closing chapter is an overview of Henry III?s short cross coinage. This volume is very much a personal view of English coinage in the 13th century, written by a knowledgeable collector and amateur historian. His handling of the material is precise and confident, though some will find some of his views on classification of the long cross coinage controversial.