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Money of the Incipient Byzantine Empire

Item Reference: BKS1124

Money of the Incipient Byzantine Empire

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Hahn, W. & Metlich, M. A. Money of the Incipient Byzantine Empire. Anastasius I – Justinian I 491-565. Second revised edition (with additions). Wien, 2013. 178 pages, 37 b/w plates, 9 folding tables. Casebound. The first edition of this publication was issued in 2000 and formed a revised guide to the first volume of the still essential series Monete Imperii Byzantini (MIB). The years following this publication not only saw its continuation (Money of the Incipient Byzantine Empire Continued – published in 2009 and now also out of print), but also saw the emergence of new material which has contributed several new types, variants and dates all of which can now be found within this volume. The more important additions have been gathered in an appendix which combines catalogue-like descriptions with commentary, together with the relevant illustrations.