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Byzantine Seals at Dumbarton Oaks Vol 1

Item Reference: BKS344

Byzantine Seals at Dumbarton Oaks Vol 1

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Nesbitt, J. & Oikonomides, N. Catalogue of Byzantine Seals at Dumbarton Oaks and in the Fogg Museum of Art. Volume 1. Italy, North of the Balkans, North of the Black Sea. 276 pages, over 1000 b/w illustrations. Casebound. The sections begin with a short essay on the region's location and history. Each seal is illustrated and is accompanied-where appropriate-by full commentary regarding the specimen's date, biographical information on its owner, peculiarities of orthography, and special features of iconography. These small seals are a large contribution to historical geography, the evolution of the Byzantine provincial administration, prosopography, development in the Greek language,and decorative vogues.