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British & Irish Periodicals Part II

Item Reference: BKS813

British & Irish Periodicals Part II

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Manville, H. E. Numismatic Guide to British and Irish Periodicals 1731-1991. Encyclopaedia of British Numismatics Volume II, Part II (Numismatic). Co-published by A. H. Baldwin & Sons and Spink. The third volume in the ‘Encyclopaedia of British Numismatics’ series continues the guide to British and Irish numismatic literature by examining numismatic periodicals. The comprehensive 142-page index of persons, places, events, and subjects is extensively cross referenced, with notices of hoards under countries, counties and towns, and includes for example, headings such as controversies/disputes (sometimes heated). Taken together with Volume II, part I, researchers and librarians now have a reference for thousands of subjects which, while concentrating on the British area, embrace the entire range of numismatics. Contents also include complete indices for the Numismatic Chronicle and the British Numismatic Journal.