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Peterborough Cathedral, Silver Token, 1811

Item Reference: GG47523

Peterborough Cathedral, Silver Token, 1811

Great Britain, Northamptonshire, Peterborough, Cole & Co, Silver Eighteenpence Token, dated 1811, obverse: elegant and detailed view of Peterborough Cathedral, date below, SILVER TOKEN to either side, all within border of dots, reverse: FOR EIGHTEENTH PENCE at centre in three lines within laurel wreath, PETERBOROUGH BANK TOKEN COLE & Co around, all within border of dots, edge grained, diam. 27mm.

The origins of the Cathedral can be traced back to King Peada of the Middle Angles who founded the first monastery on the site in 655AD. The building in its present form was built between 1118 and 1238. It became the Cathedral of the new Diocese of Peterborough in 1541 and it is now known as the Cathedral Church of St Peter, St Paul and St Andrew (D. 3).

Mint state and sharply detailed, attractively toned, scarce this nice.