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Pompey the Great Silver Denarius

Item Reference: KM57949

Pompey the Great Silver Denarius

Ancient Rome, Sextus Pompey, Silver Denarius, mint moving with Sextus Pompey, struck 42-40 B.C., [M]AG PIVS IMP ITER, head of Pompey the Great facing right, a jug behind, a lituus before, rev [PRAEF] / CLAS ET ORAE / MARIT EX S C, Neptune standing left, diademed and holding an aplustre, a cloak over his left arm, his right foot resting on a prow, one of the Catanaean brothers stands on either side of him, bearing his father on his shoulders, 3.75g, 6h (Cr 511/3a; Syd 1344; RBW 1785; RCV 1392).

With an excellent portrait of Pompey the Great, some softness in striking towards lower obverse and upper reverse, otherwise about extremely fine and rare.