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Rare Aethelred II Northampton Penny

Item Reference: HG51224

Rare Aethelred II Northampton Penny

Aethelred II (978-1016), Penny, last small cross type (c.1009-1017), Northampton Mint, Moneyer Leofwold, diademed and draped bust left, cross in front of face, all within linear circle, legend surrounding commences at top, +ÆÐELRÆD REX ANGL, rev cross pattée, linear circle surrounding, + LEOFPOLD M-O HAM, 1.18g (BMC type I; N.777; S.1154).

Peck marks both sides, lightly toned very fine and very rare. Perhaps the cross in front of the bust is indicative of a lighter weight issue within the last small cross type which occurs at this mint.