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Rare William I Dover PAXS Type Penny

Item Reference: HM52650

Rare William I Dover PAXS Type Penny

William I (1066-1087), Penny, PAXS type (1083?-86?), Dover Mint, Moneyer Goldwine, crowned facing bust with sceptre, crown type 1, breaking linear circle at bottom, legend commences lower left, +PILLELM REX, rev cross pattée, letters P A X S each within annulet in each angle, linear circle surrounding, +GOLDPINE ON DOF, 1.37g (BMC type VIII; N.848; S.1257).

Weak in parts, otherwise toned very fine and rare.

Ex Beaworth Hoard, found 1833. British Numismatic Journal, Volume VII (1911), page 11 and plate XIX no.6 this coin. Major P. W. P. Carlyon Britton, first portion, Sotheby, 17th November 1913, lot 726 part, sold for £2/3/-. R. Cyril Lockett, English part I, Glendining, 6th June 1955, lot 965 part, purchased by A. H. Baldwin and Sons Ltd for £36.