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Richard II, Gold Noble

Item Reference: LM62027

Richard II, Gold Noble

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Richard II, Gold Noble, third type 3c, Calais mint, French title resumed, King standing in ship holding sword and shield, four whole lis in upper left quarter, ship rigging with three ropes to left, and one to right, saltire over sail at end of legend, pellet above and below shield, lion upward on rudder, ornaments on top line of hull -1-1- with lions right, quatrefoils 4/4 on castles, short bowsprit, saltire stops both sides, RICA RD’x DI’x GRA’x REX’x AnGL’x Zx FRAnC’x D’x hIB’x AQ Tx, rev die axis at 7 o’clock, letter R in central compartment, upon ornate cross with lis terminals, crown over lion in each angle, all within beaded and linear tressure of eight arcs, large fleurs in spandrels, initial mark cross pattee, +IhC'xAVTEmxx TRAnSIEnSxx PERxx mEDIVmxx ILLORVmxx IBAT, outer beaded border both sides, 7.72g (cf.Schneider 180; Webb Ware type 3c; N.1307; S.1663). Quite well struck for this King though from a partially rusted die, excellent portrait though a little double struck on reverse, otherwise toned, good very fine and very rare.